The original TylesNeeding a quick solution to her not-yet-tiled kitchen backsplash in time for the holidays, Nicole Block came up with an idea for a temporary option. She designed a Moroccan-tile-inspired pattern and had vinyl decals made to apply to her walls. The result was lovely. Nicole felt she had come up with something that so many people could use. How could this not exist as a product on the market? It’s such an easy solution to a common problem. And when her project was featured on the popular interior design site Apartment Therapy, it was clear that others agreed. 

Nicole set out to start a line of vinyl wall products, and so Tyles were born. Not a replacement for actual tile, nor a faux finish, this is a completely unique vinyl product designed in the spirit of tile. The line is inspired by a variety of things: traditional middle-eastern motifs, food, drink, nature, china patterns. Just like her stationery work, all of the designs are hand-drawn by Nicole Block. As such, they are completely original, and carry her trademark sense of humor and style. 
Nicole Block of Tyles/The Nic Studio

Tyles from The Nic Studio offer a stylish solution to finishing your untiled surfaces – such as the kitchen backsplash, bathroom walls, or entryway – without committment. Made from cut vinyl, these tiles are easy to apply and easy to remove. Tyles are ideal for renters and owners alike, and come in sets of twelve 8-inch tiles, for a total of over 5 square feet. There is no background, which means that 30 patterns yields literally thousands of options! Change your surface pattern or color, and you completely change the look of the pattern.

For more information on Nicole Block and The Nic Studio, please check out the TheNicStudio.com
Nicole Block in Brooklyn, NY on Houzz
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