TYLES Summer Forage in Orange and Mint

$ 70.00
Tyles Summer Forage in Orange and Mint

Summer Forage is bright and happy, reminiscent of warm days out in the field. (Of course, we're from NYC, so we can only imagine this is what that feels like.)

TYLES from The Nic Studio offer a stylish solution to changing your space without commitment. The sets of twelve 8" tiles (a total of over 5 square feet per package) were put together for ease of application and flexibility of space. Whether it's a full wall, a border, or a detail, Tyles are the perfect size to work with, and are ideal for renters and owners alike.

Package includes: 12 8x8" square TYLES, application instructions, a sample piece of vinyl to test on your wall for adherence, and a plastic tool for application.

TYLES are designed and packaged in Brooklyn, New York. Manufactured in the USA.

**Please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery. Each set of our Summer Forage pattern will be made to order. 

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