My First Tyles Blog Post!

My First Tyles Blog Post!

Hey all!

I've decided to start blogging for Tyles. No, not because it's a great business idea -- given how well I keep up with my blogs, I think it's probably more detrimental than helpful. ;-) But I have a lot of info to share about Tyles, all the options available, and how they work, and what better than a blog for all of that?

A bit about me... My name is Nicole Block, and I'm the creator of Tyles. I designed the first ever Tyles for my own kitchen, and after I saw how great it looked and how well it worked, I knew that I had something that would help so many other people. What renter didn't wish for a high-end decor option for their ugly walls, that was temporary?! What owner didn't have a room in their home that they'd like to update, but not spend a ton of money on? And what business owner didn't have a space that they'd like to make look like their own, while paying their lease every month? Up until now, the vast majority of temporary options were ugly, or faux versions of something else, or just boring. I wanted to make something different. Something fun, something stylish... something to reinvent the idea of temporary decor.

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