TYLES Tuesday: Utensils On Your Wall

Yeah! It's TYLES Tuesday! Woohoo! Every other Tuesday, I'll be sharing one of my patterns and the inspiration/process behind it. And if you're a newsletter subscriber, you'll get a special discount.

This week, we have a two-for-one! Because I have two patterns that put utensils directly onto your wall. Utensil Cascade and Knife Floral.

The original inspiration for these is pretty easy to figure out. I was thinking about kitchen backsplashes, and frankly, what is more "kitchen" than utensils? Eating utensils, cooking utensils... it's all about the food, baby. So it was only natural that I try to incorporate utensils into my patterns. 

A TYLES pattern needs to be methodical in approach, but beautiful and thought provoking. It was about elevating the utensils, which are otherwise a regular part of our everyday lives. I hope. Unless you're a kid that refuses to use them (::cough:: my kids ::cough::). But I digress... The utensils needed to follow my tile patterning, they needed to embrace a new identity, and they needed to be beautiful for anyone's space. From the most timid to the most outlandish personalities. 

So I started with the basics: fork, knife, spoon. I played with the patterning until I realized that I couldn't do all three -- it wouldn't work for the tile-esque format.

I decided to eliminate the fork, and curve the knife to fit better with the spoon. If I placed the break just so, I could make it work in the repeat. And there we had it. Utensils Cascade was born.

Still, I missed the fork. How could I work it into the pattern? Well, the answer was that I couldn't... unless I did a new one. I played with my forks and knives, overlapping them until they became something else -- a floral pattern. Knife Floral. Upon first sight, you may not even realize what they are until you look a little closer. 

I love the versatility of these two patterns. They work in a myriad of places: a kitchen, a pantry door, the wall of a restaurant or cafe. But they carry a grace with them that I just love. They're fun, but elegant. Very tongue in cheek. They don't take themselves too seriously, either. (Just like me.)

Nicole Block

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