Not just for walls... other projects you can do with Tyles

Happy Friday! 

Do you like to tackle fun projects around the house on the weekends? Have something that needs a new look, some sprucing up -- but is not a wall? Well, here are a couple of ideas that might spark something for your weekend warrior tendencies...

The first idea is something we're doing ourselves, in the new studio... We have an Ikea Docksta table for eating, meetings, etc in the center of the office space. While I love the simplicity of the modern, clean table, I also felt like it needed some personality to make it our own. Enter Tyles!

We are using our Utensils Cascade pattern in white on our white Docksta table, producing a really great tone-on-tone effect that we couldn't love more. It's subtle enough to still use placemats on, or to have a meeting on, but yet it's eye-catching and compelling. Not your usual table. Of course, just like on the wall, Tyles can be cleaned if they get dirty from food or drink, so cleaning the table won't be an issue. I'm so excited to see the final outcome of this project! I'll post pics when the job is done, and even a how-to.

The next idea is one we used for a photo recently... If you have open shelving in your home or office, and feel like it could use a little something, how about putting Tyles behind it? It can give the shelving the POP that it needs. You can even put it on the backing of bookshelves or inside cabinets for a similar effect. Below we used the Summer Forage pattern and completely changed the look of the vintage shelving.

Of course, there's always the option of using Tyles on stair risers, which is just a gorgeous show-stopper in your space. 

We would love to see any off-the-wall projects you are doing using Tyles! Send them our way. Nothing is too wacky. =D

Nicole Block

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