A True Holiday Ready Home: Ysolt and Jesse's Dining Room

Happy New Year, all! I hope you had a wonderful holiday season! We were busy as usual, both with Tyles orders and on the home front (two gut bathroom renos that completed the night before Christmas Eve -- ack!). But things have calmed now, and we're ready to start 2017 off right!

In that vain, we're starting a series on our Tyles buyers... We want to show off their before and afters, and have them tell you in their own words why they chose Tyles and how they worked for them. First up, Ysolt and her husband Jesse, who chose Tyles Pick Up Sticks pattern for their home. 

Ysolt and Jesse's dining room... BT (Before Tyles).

What room did you select Tyles for? Was it a feature wall, whole room, border application...?

We used Tyles for our "formal" dining room. We selected one wall behind our buffet table to serve as an accent wall.

Why did you choose to use Tyles instead of another option?

We considered using paint and stencils, but we're not the "crafty/DIY" types. Plus, we were too worried we'd mess things up and it would take forever to complete if we have to constantly fix our mistakes. We also considered using wallpaper on the accent wall, but couldn't find a pattern/design that we liked. When I came across Tyles, it was a perfect solution for us: easy to apply (and easy to remove if we make a mistake).

Ysolt and Jesse's home video, pulling off the transfer tape for Tyles. 

Did you apply Tyles by yourself, or did you have a helper?

It was just me and my husband.

How easy were Tyles to apply?

Super duper easy! I was scared at first that I wouldn't line them up right. I have many anxieties about things looking straight, balanced, even. But, I found that Tyles being on a clear backing made it simple to "check my work" before I "commit" to applying the actual design to the wall.

Ysolt and Jesse's finished accent wall in their dining room.


Are you happy with your finished room?

So happy -- and EVERYONE wants to know how I did it!

Would you use Tyles again for another space in your home or office?

I really want to redo our stairs (where I applied contact paper for now). And our living room (behind our couch). We currently have a blank wall there and are contemplating artwork or Tyles.

Nicole Block

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