What does "holiday-ready home" mean?

Last week, we started posting images of rooms in our TYLES feeds, having to do with a "holiday-ready home." But what does that mean?

You know that the holiday season is prime entertaining time. Whether you're hosting the Hanukkah party, the traditional Christmas Eve dinner, an airing of grievances for Festivus, or simply having a few friends crashing on your couch, more people likely see your home at the holidays than at any other time of year. And that goes double for your office or shop! While hanging lights is lovely, it doesn't do much to help the space underneath those lights and tinsel. 

Of course, time is short and money is tight. Who has extra funds to pay for renovations, or the time do a big project?! You have gifts to buy, people to visit, and customers to see!

Original Tyles, temporary kitchen backsplash

I put up the first TYLES in our home in a hurry -- I was having the family over for our son's 1st birthday over Thanksgiving weekend, and I didn't want them to see our still-bland kitchen, with untiled backsplash walls. I just wanted it DONE. And we had run out of money, and definitely time, to tile the backsplash as planned before our guests arrived. TYLES was such an obvious option... A vinyl wall option that was easy (and fast) to apply, wouldn't break the already-stretched holiday bank, and wouldn't ruin our walls for a future tiling product. Two years later, it's still up, and I'm not worried about tiling the backsplash anymore. I will, eventually... but in the meantime, my TYLES backsplash still makes me happy.

So, make yourself happy. Get that kitchen finished in time for your party. Brighten that living room in time for the couch-crashers. Make the dining room dazzling for your dinner guests. They won't be the only ones falling in love with your place... I guarantee you will too.

Shop here for the patterns that will polish off your home in time for the holidays.


Nicole Block

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